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Is Roman Todd Gay in Real Life? Interviews & Everything we know about him

Roman Todd is a quite popular name in the Gay Porn Industry. He is a famous American bisexual adult actor and social media influencer. Roman Todd has earned both fame and money through his work, not to forget – his massive fan following.

But with fame, controversy follows, and Roman Todd is no exception. While he is widely famous among the LGBTQ+ community for his spectacular performances and AV videos, Roman Todd is equally criticized for his bisexual nature over the internet. Moreover, his sexual orientation has always been a matter of debate for his fans and haters alike.

So, if you are also curious to know if Roman Todd is gay in real life, you’ve ended up on the rightmost link. Our team has conducted in-depth research about this gay porn star and gathered some interesting news and facts about Roman Todd. Look no further, and keep scrolling the page to unveil the truth about Roman’s sexuality.

Is Roman Todd Gay

Roman Todd Wiki & Bio

Before we jump into uncovering Roman Todd’s sexual orientation, let’s find a quick overview of this gay porn start to give you a clear idea about who he is. Scroll down and take notes.

Real Name Samson George Dalton
Stage Name Roman Todd
Profession Gay Porn Star
Birth Date 31 March 1985
Age 38 years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries
Current Residence New York, USA
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $1 million
Ethnicity Caucasian

What is Roman Todd’s Sexual Orientation?

Is Roman Todd Gay in Real Life?

Roman Todd is bisexual

We’ll definitely explore other personal details about Roman Todd, but first, let’s find the answer to the most asked question – Is Roman Todd gay in real life? Fans are going crazy over this doubt and continue to engage in heated arguments with others on social media platforms. But it’s time to end the curiosity, as we have come up with the answer.

Speaking of Roman Todd’s sexual orientation, he himself accepted that he is “Pansexual”. Yes, you read it right. In a recent interview, he admits that he likes to have intimate moments with both girls and boys, which automatically makes him bisexual or pansexual.

Roman Todd has always been known for his bold nature and open-minded character. Since the news about his sexuality has created a buzz in the town, he came forward and posted a video message on his social media handles, including Instagram and Twitter, in response to those who have issues with his sexuality.

In his video, he addressed the haters and said that if they have any problem with his sexuality, then they can just go get some help. He also said that people must not have any problem with anybody’s sexual orientation or their love interests. They must not interfere with someone’s personal matters of whether or not they like or prefer to have intimate relationships. Besides accepting his Pansexual nature, he also claims that he loves trans women. The video message was so powerful enough to shut the haters’ mouths for good.

And all in all, we also agree with Roman Todd’s video post. He has the freedom to create content or date anyone he likes, whether gay, straight, bisexual, or trans. Moreover, his video received massive support from fellow porn stars and fans.

Is Roman Todd Married – What is his Relationship Status?

To your surprise, Yes. Roman Todd is married to his long-time lover, Jacqueline Gfeller. The couple has been together since August 2018. But while Roman Todd is known for his open and bold nature, his wife Jacqueline is quite an introvert and prefers staying out of the media reach.

It’s speculated that Jacqueline was the only girlfriend of Roman Todd, and this gay porn star has never dated anyone before or indulged in any affairs. Sounds surprising, isn’t it? Also, speaking of his children, Roman and his wife are still enjoying their marriage, and the couple is in no mood to have kids as of now.

Since Roman Todd is bisexual, his name is often linked up with other gay porn stars. However, Roman has neither discussed nor accepted such rumors. The couple is happy in their married life and never brings these rumors and controversies between them.

What is Roman Todd Net Worth?

Is Roman Todd Gay in Real Life

Roman Todd Net Worth

Roman Todd is one of the leading gay porn stars and has appeared in numerous sort adult movies. His estimated net worth is $1 million as of now. However, these are just rough figures, and Roman Todd has never shared his income or real estate information. His major income source is short adult films and paid advertisements. Unfortunately, no information is known about his endorsements or collaborations. But we are keeping a strong eye on Roman Todd’s endeavors and will update the post soon as soon as we get any information.

Lesser Known Facts About Roman Todd

Below are mentioned some interesting facts about Roman Todd.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. What is Roman Todd Height?

Ans. Roman Todd stands at the height of 6 feet 1 inch. However, his exact body measurement is not yet available.

Q. Does Roman Todd has inked tattoos?

Ans. Yes. This gay porn star loves tattoos and has several tattoos on the body. He also has multiple piercings.

Q. Does Roman Todd use Twitter?

Ans. Yes. Roman Todd is active on all social media handles, including Twitter. His Twitter handle is @ RomanToddNYC, and he is followed by around 12K followers as of now.

Q. What is Roman Todd’s sexual orientation?

Ans. Roman Todd has identified himself as bisexual.

Q. What is Roman Todd’s ethnicity?

Ans. Roman Todd belongs to caucasian ethnicity.

Q. Has Roman Todd been to college?

Ans. No. Although Roman Todd attended local school in New York City, he has no interest in further studies and thus he skipped college.

Q. Does Roman Todd has a sibling?

Ans. No personal information is yet known about Roman Todd. He never prefers discussing his personal life in the public.

Closing Words

There you have it. We hope this guide has helped you learned about the Roman Todd’s sexuality. So, if you are still thinking that – Is Roman Todd gay in real life, then the answer is No. Roman is not gay, he is bisexual and likes physical intimacy with both girls and boys. He is currently married to his long-time girlfriend Jacqueline and has no other linkups.

Moreover, Roman Todd is still active in his career and has plenty of lined up projects for the future. Do you want to know more about Roman Todd? Feel free to share your questions with us in the comments below. We will search the answers and clear your queries at the earliest.

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